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audienceOS was purpose built to harness this power & supercharge the likes of Google and Meta
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If you’re like most of our clients, you have seen lower sales and increasing marketing expenses following iOS 14.5 and despite your best efforts, you can’t get conversions back to their pre-iOS glory. We engineered a quick and easy system for harnessing the power of your first-party data that increases Ad ROI and protects you from the whims of Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Ad Platforms Demand Better Signals

By improving match-rates audienceOS trains ad platform algorithms to expand audiences and optimize faster for improved scalability, lower CPA, higher conversion, and higher ROAS.

Thanks to iOS 14.5 & Privacy Changes → You’re Missing Out On At Least 60% Of Your Audience Signals

audienceOS fixes signal loss resulting in up to an 80% increase in match rates on Facebook.

Feeding more quality signals amplifies the ad platform’s ability to match back their users. This means 2-3x retargeting audiences and reduced acquisition costs.

Scaling Your Business Becomes Costly When CPAs Continue To Creep Upward

audienceOS reduces CPA by up to 70%!

With CPAs increasing, it can be difficult to get the same performance out of your ads as before. Working with us allows you to operate lean again by keeping your acquisition costs as low as possible.

If You’re Suffering From Low ROAS, Then You’re Wasting Money & Seeing A Decrease In Profitability

audienceOS increases ROAS by 45% in 60 days!

Regain control of your ad spend and get ROAS back to pre-iOS levels with our done-for-you audience optimization and expansion system.

Tired of managing multiple dashboards? We feel you. That’s why we offer a done-for-you solution that will have your data flow optimized and flowing into your ad accounts in 72 hours or less.

Every hour your ads run, the more money you lose.



Pretty much all metrics have gone up in the initial 45 days. Event Quality match rate is looking great (and was even complemented by the facebook marketing experts team). Because we started with pretty poor tracking and messy attribution. What we are seeing in google analytics is still not one for one from ads manager, but that seems like it will always be present. But as far as conversions and ROAS go, results are far greater than before.

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Let’s Fix Your Signal Loss


Beat iOS and increase your match rates on Facebook by up to 80%.



Leverage your first-party data today and be the winner tomorrow.



Break free of the walled garden of Google and Facebook.



Increased reach – Lower CPA – Higher ROAS Expand and optimize your audience.



What sets audienceOS apart from the multitude of attribution tools on the market?

audienceOS complements existing attribution solutions and resolves signal loss to restore data flow between your website and Facebook, enhancing ad performance and stability. While attribution tools cannot fix signal loss, they can measure the impact of your ads, including the improvements facilitated by audienceOS.

Does this only help with Facebook?

Our systems work and improve your efforts across all ad platforms. At this time, FB ads see the greatest performance improvement because we are feeding the starving FB algorithm the data it has been desperately needing post iOS 14.5.

What are the symptoms of a signal loss problem?

Facebook is forced to rely on data modeling to compensate for missing information when a substantial amount of your website signals are dropped, leading to highly inconsistent attribution and significant swings in performance. If the purchases attributed to your Facebook Ads Manager are inaccurate by over 30%, you likely have a signal loss issue. If your ad performance fluctuates by more than 50% over the course of a week, it implies a severe signal loss problem

I’m already using the Shopify-CAPI connection. Will audienceOS do anything for me?

Facebook’s policies require the deletion or removal of any data matched to an opted-out user. This applies to data sent from any Meta app, the Facebook website pixel, or the Shopify-CAPI connection managed by Facebook. According to Facebook’s calculations, 60% of data is dropped. By using audienceOS, on the other hand, you can send compliant 1st party data brokered by your own terms of service, not Facebook’s. This is why data sent via audienceOS is not dropped.

Is this for B2C only or will it work for B2B?

Our tech can and does work with both B2B and B2C markets. B2C privacy laws are changing rapidly, and marketing to consumers will only get more difficult as time goes on.

What size customers do you work with?

audienceOS was purpose-built to solve Facebook signal loss for brands who have a minimum monthly ad spend of $25k per month. For audienceOS to work as expected, there’s a minimum volume of website signals needed to be sent – many brands under $25K in monthly ad spend fall below that minimum.

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