Ecom Store With A Fishing Focus Sees An Average 34% Increase In ROAS Across All Channels Within First Month

May 2023

In a recent case study, an ecommerce store specializing in fishing dramatically increased its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 34% average across all channels within just a month. Post iOS 14.5 update, like many digital advertisers, the store was battling rising acquisition costs and shrinking remarketing audiences. Their solution, provided by a forward-thinking tech firm, was to leverage audienceOS audiences, revolutionizing their ad performance on Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads. This breakthrough offers a promising strategy for businesses striving to adapt in the post iOS 14.5 digital advertising landscape.




Facebook roas ↑


total conversions ↑

In a compelling development, a fishing-centric ecommerce business experienced a significant uptick of 34% in its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) within a month across its advertising platforms. Faced with the universal challenge of escalating acquisition costs and shrinking audiences post the iOS 14.5 update, the store found a pioneering solution through the use of audienceOS. This fresh approach transformed their ad performance, particularly on Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads, offering a new potential roadmap for them post iOS 14.5.

The store grappled with the same set of issues that virtually all digital advertisers have been confronting since Apple’s iOS 14.5 update rolled out in April 2021: rising acquisition costs and dwindling remarketing audiences, particularly on Facebook. The client’s attempt to resolve the issue through Google Tag Manager (GTM) for simplified server-side setup of conversion tracking on Facebook fell short of expectations.

In a swift and decisive response, a tech firm offering a unique solution in the form of audienceOS audiences entered the scene. This solution dramatically transformed the client’s advertising performance, significantly boosting their ROAS on Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads. It offers a glimmer of hope and a potentially replicable strategy for businesses suffering in the post iOS 14.5 digital advertising era.

In addition to illustrating the power of precise audience targeting, this case study serves as an illuminating tale of adaptability, innovation, and the quest for sustainable solutions in an ever-evolving digital advertising landscape. It will undoubtedly be of interest to any business grappling with digital advertising in the post iOS 14.5 world.

“I recently started using audienceOS and I must say I’m impressed with the results. The audience sizes on Facebook and Google have increased dramatically and are much more accurate, leading to better funnel flows. It has really taken care of the limitations of iOS, Facebook, and Google.


What really caught my attention was the ability to track the overwhelming majority of my unidentified middle of the funnel resulting in larger retargeting audiences which have drastically reduced my ad costs. The installation process was effortless, and the team at audienceOS provided great customer service.


Overall, I highly recommend audienceOS to anyone who wants to stop leaving money on the table.”


~ Jon Taggart, Taggart Media Group ~


Google Ads

Spend: $14,475.43
Transactions: 794.86
Revenue: $238,334.16
ROAS: 1,646%

On Google, ROAS increased 123% and number of transactions increased 177% month-over-month. We’ve been scaling spend the entire time as well, so we can expect this trend to continue.

Facebook/Insta Ads

Spend: $11,367.40
Transactions: 750
Revenue: $204,286.07
ROAS: 1,797%
On Facebook, ROAS increased 25% and the number of transactions increased 97%. We are running catalog campaigns with better remarketing data now and a better event quality match rate than we have ever had before.


Spend: $27,502.58
Transactions: 1600
Revenue: $452,084.93
ROAS: 1,338%
Overall ROAS is up by 34% and total number of conversions is up 130%. Overall revenue attributed to ads is up 289%.

Event Quality Match Rate

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