RiseMD, a lead gen marketing firm working with knee pain clinics, saw a 34% reduction in CPL while increasing lead volume 142% across 35 campaigns.

April – August 2023

RiseMD, a marketing company focused on generating leads for knee pain clinics, utilized AudienceOS to significantly improve their campaign results. They managed to decrease their Cost Per Lead (CPL) by 34% while simultaneously increasing their lead volume by 142%. This improvement was spread across 35 different campaigns.

RiseMD specializes in acquiring new patients for clinics, offering a service that promises to enhance revenue growth with minimal effort from the clinic’s side. They emphasize removing the complexity of digital marketing for their clients. With a combination of their New Patient Acquisition System, high-quality creative work, and exclusive technology, RiseMD commits to delivering continuous growth and measurable outcomes.

By implementing AudienceOS, RiseMD was able to streamline and optimize their digital marketing efforts, leading to a substantial rise in lead volume and a more efficient CPL. This has been done with the assurance of delivering proven results and a guarantee of performance.


Lead volume ↑


website leads ↑


cpl ↓


Before audienceOS

Average Cost Per Lead: $43.79
Transactions: 184
Total Spend: $8057.36


With audienceOS

Average Cost Per Lead: $24.09 (-$19.70)
Transactions: 421 (+237)
Total Spent: $10,141.89
Money Saved: $8293.70

Result Summary

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