Meghan Fabulous Ecom Store Sees An Average 196% Increase In ROAS Across All Channels Within 6 Months

February – August 2023

In a recent case study, an ecommerce store specializing in fashion and apparel increased its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by 196.2% within 6 months. The store was battling rising acquisition costs and shrinking remarketing audiences, making their ad spend budget increase with little return on investment. AudienceOS revolutionized its ad performance on Facebook Ads by improving its audience signals and increasing match rate for a preferred audience. The results were immediate and rapidly improved their ad performance within 6 months with a 465.6% increase in conversion value.




conversion value ↑


cpa ↓


August 2022

Spend: $13,736.41
Transactions: 35
Revenue: $4,419.64
ROAS: 1.17


August 2023

Spend: $36,090.79
Transactions: 439
Revenue: $55,640.75
ROAS: 3.09

Result Summary

ROAS (Reported by FB):

The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Facebook Ads began at 1.17 in August 2022 and increased to 3.09 by August 2023.

ROAS (Reported by Triple Whale):

The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for Facebook Ads began at 0.32 in August 2022 and rose to 1.54 by August 2023.

Total Purchases:

In August 2022, the store recorded 35 purchases. By August 2023, this number grew to 439.

Conversion Value:

The conversion value increased from $4,419.64 in August 2022 to $55,640.75 in August 2023.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA):

The CPA reduced over time. In August 2022, the CPA was $392.47, and it decreased to $82.21 by August 2023.

Average Order Value (AOV):

The AOV increased from $126.28 in August 2022 to $126.74 in August 2023.

Facebook Ad Spend:

The store spent $13,736.41 on Facebook ads in August 2022 and $36,090.79 in August 2023.

Specifically, between February and August 2023:

  • ROAS improved from 0.52 to 1.54, marking a 196.2% increase.
  • The conversion value went up by 465.6%, moving from $9,838.24 in February to $55,640.75 in August.
  • CPA witnessed a decrease of 60.1%, dropping from $206.07 in February to $82.21 in August.
  • AOV experienced an 18.5% growth, increasing from $106.94 in February to $126.74 in August.

“Hi Garret — I have great news for you. We had a meeting with our agency last week and I had a lot of questions about audienceOS and the value and ROI associated with it. They are noticing the value and it’s definitely paying for itself. That’s all I wanted to hear! Then, I encouraged him to have the agency adopt audienceOS and recommend it to their other clients. He agrees that makes sense, and thanked us for introducing you.”


~ Steve Dunlap, CEO-Meghan Fabulous ~

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